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RB-524-DIN - Universal power relay for DIN rail, 250VAC, 16A, 4000VA

Universal power relay for DIN rail, 250VAC, 16A, 4000VA

The RB-524-DIN is designed for installation in electrical switchboards on a DIN rail. It serves for switching electrical appliances at 250V / 16A. It provides the galvanically separated switching contact of an output relay which complies with the requirements of safety isolation up to 4kV. The input is designed for a control voltage in the range 5 24V.


- Operational voltage range: from 5 to 24 V DC
- Standby current: 5V-80 mA, 12V-40 mA, 24V-25 mA
- Relay contact rating: protection class II (galvanically separated from control terminals)
- Maximum switching voltage: 250 V AC / 24 V DC
- Resistive load (cos f =1): max.16 A
- Inductive, capacitive load (cosf=0,4): max. 8 A
- Halogen lights: max. 1000 W
- DC: 384 W
- Minimum acceptable relay output through-wattage (DC): 0.5 W
- Cross section of connecting wires: max. 2 x 1,5 mm2; max. 1 x 2,5 mm2
- Dimensions, weight: 18 x 90 x 65 mm, 50 g
- Operational environment: indoor general
- Operational temperature environment: -10 to + 40 °C
- IP covering: IP-20
- Also complies with: EN 50130-4, EN 55022, EN 60950-1, DIN rail EN60715
CE Certification — PDF document, 338 Kb (346864 bytes)
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